HEKO chains distinguish themselves through:
- high quality heat treatment tailored to particular applications 
- high fatigue strength
- close length tolerance of chain pairs 

Modern welding machines are employed for the manufacture of HEKO chains. Chains are manufactured form a wide range of materials including manganese steels, chrome-nickel steels and fine grain chrome-nickel alloy steels. 

Our own, modern, computer-controlled heat treatment processes produce tempered or case hardened chains.


HEKO Case Hardening means:
  - High breaking load resulting from a tough, fine grain core
  - High wear resistant resulting from a surface hardness of min.  800 HV

Case hardening results in a hard, wear resistant chain surface.

HEKO offers 6 hardening depths as standard. In addition HEKO offers various hardening depths to suit individual requirements. A surface hardness of at least 800 HV is supplied as standard.

HEKO tempering means:
- Very high breaking loads

For applications where a high breaking load is taking precedence over hardness, tempered round link chains manufactured from manganese steel, or CrNi or CrNiMo alloy steel are recommended.

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