We pride ourselves on the systematic quality control of our products as this is the only way to achieve customer satisfaction with regard to quality and price.

Checking the incoming raw material, a modern manufacturing facility, intermediate inspection and continual final inspection prior to dispatch are pre-requisite for maintaining a high quality product.

Heat treatment of chains, shackles and accessories is controlled by electronic processors.

With case hardening the relevant carburising depth or respective case hardening depth are fed into processor. The processor creates, monitors and controls the required atmosphere in the furnace. This ensures constant results repeatable.

Details of the heat treatment parameters are printed out for every charge for records and traceability purposes.

Each consignment is inspected to ensure compliance with the relevant DIN, works standard or instructions. Results from the sensible tests of chains and shackles are printed out on diagrams.

After testing on an automatic hardness tester, all details are printed out on a test report, also showing the hardening profile between the chain surface and core.

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