HEKO offers a wide spectrum of cost effective and safe scraper bar attachments. HEKOs attachments are suitable for single or multi-strand conveyors. Heat treatment of the attachments is tailored to suit individual requirements. We recommend the use of tempered HEKO qualities for wear resistant requirements. The conveyor chains can be supplied as individual components are pre assembled to form and endless chain. Generally there are two categories of attachments, those which connect the links and those which are inserted into chain strands.

Special scraper attachment 
Type SP
Plug-in scraper bar attachments
Type EFS
Chain shackle
Type TS/Type DIN 5699
Push-in scraper bars
with safety pin

Type EFL
Split scraper attachment
Type BG 22
Scraper attachment with
welded flange

Type AFS
Lift-in scraper bars
Type SMG and SMO

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