HEKO special scraper attachments type SP are supplied to suit chain to DIN or other standards.
- suitable for horizontal and inclined conveyors
- conveying in upper or lower trough
- simple and economic scraper attachment

HEKO special scraper attachments are suitable for use with single- and twin-strand conveyors. They can be fitted to conveyors with wheels having projecting teeth, pocket teeth or toothless wheels. Scraper centres can be varied by means of the number of chain links fitted. Supply can be either loose or pre-assembled with the attachments and scraper bars. We recommend the use of high tensile bolts for attaching the scraper, grade 8.8 minimum. Chains which have lengthened as a result of wear can be shortened by unbolting one scraper and removal of one (set) chain length and attachment. Individual chain links can be removed by cold cutting of the link. Both tempered and case hardened attachments are part of HEKOs standard manufacturing programme. The quality of the attachments is matched with the chain quality. All necessary fittings as well as suitable scraper bars, standard or bespoke, can be furnished by HEKO.

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Wear calculations
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Technical information - Erection - Maintenance - Wear
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Scraper bar attachments chain conveyors
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Questionnaire Technical Data for chain conveyors
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