Chain wheel with projecting teeth, steel, replaceable toothed rim, type VIA and VIA-C

HEKO chain wheels type VIA provide two primary advantages: they achieve a high service life; they are simple
and easy to fit and thus reduce the cost of replacement. The wheels with projecting teeth and replaceable rims
are recommended for chain pitches ≥ 3.5 x d. The chain contact surfaces are hardened to minimise wear. As
the teeth push through the link, a self-cleaning effect results which also prevents a build-up between chain and wheel. Teeth are also supplied chamfered, on request, for applications with sticky materials. Replaceable segments have the advantage that they can be exchanged without removing the hub which results in reduced downtime. HEKO chain wheels type VIA are suitable for special attachments, horizontal shackles to DIN, TS-shackle and push-in scraper bars. Wheel dimensions can also be tailored to suit existing installations.

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