Maintenance-free bearings for bucket elevators and other conveyors
HEKO bearings have the advantage of being able to be fitted inside the elevator boot. These bearings operate successfully with many dry or most products, including abrasive products, but may also be sued submerged in water. The CrNi steel bearing bush, which forms the shaft liner, is secured to the shaft by a screw. The bush runs inside the bearing housing without lubrication. The bearing housing, manufactured from special cast alloy steel, is fixed to the tensioning device by four bolts. Dust seals etc. are not required.
Drive and Return Wheel Shafts
Precision machined shafts can be manufactured from carbon steel, CrMo steel or CrNiMo steel, tempered for high loads. Shaft can, on request undergo ultrasonic testing before dispatch. Shaft dimensions to suit client.

Return and Tensioning Unit for Bucket Elevators
The return and tensioning unit is completely encased inside the elevator boot, thus preventing dust emission. The shaft is supported by maintenance-free, dry bearings, the latter manufactured from resistant alloy steel. The HEKO return and tensioning unit is designed for easy access to replace worn parts, this minimizing downtime. All standard units, size I, II or III, for new elevators, as well units in special executions for existing elevators. HEKO also provide conversions for problem belt and bucket elevator as frequently experienced in cement grinding plants. Conversion time can be minimized as the return and idling unit can be supplied preassembled. The return and idling unit includes the wheels with replaceable steel segments, shaft, bearings, slide rails and carriage , weight box, mounting frames for welding to the boot walls and large bolted access door each side. The self-weight of wheels, shaft and bearings is normally sufficient to provide adequate chain tension. However, elevators with short shaft centers may require additional weights to be placed into the weight box of the return and tension unit.

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