HEKO chain wheels type RUU may be used as return idling wheels as well as drive wheels for medium load and up
to 30m shaft centres. The large cut-outs in the hub are designed to prevent build-up of product inside the wheels and are therefore ideal for return idling wheels inside the elevator boot.

Even material with larger particle size is pressed through the large cut-outs, otherwise this could lead to chains coming off the wheels. Hubs are manufactured from carbon
steel and segments are fabricated from CrMo alloy steel. Segments are normally supplied with a tensile strength of 700 to 800 N/mm², but this can be increased, on request, by
heat treatment.

These chain wheels can be used with vertically and horizontally mounted shackle and many other types of bucket attachments. All wheels are supplied with keyways or, on request, with taper lock bushes. In addition the hubs have holes for spacer bars to adjust for the correct chain centre distance.

Segments can be supplied, on request, with chain guide at one or both sides. However, experience has shown that such discs are unnecessary for drive wheels.

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