Fields of activity ModulTherm

Fields of activity of the linked single-chamber plant ModulTherm

Case-hardening belongs to the thermo chemical methods. During this method the transition region of components and tools is carbonized with a carbon-emitting medium and subsequently quenched. Hereby the mechanical attributes of the components’ transition region, for example wear resistance, are considerably improved.

Hardening means a heat treatment consisting of austenitizing and cool-down under conditions that effect an increase in hardness by more or less complete transformation of the austenite usually to martensit.

Hardening is directly followed by tempering. The hardening and tempering generates a structure with optimized mechanical qualities for the specific employment.    


Technical facts  
 maximum size of charge 1000 x 600 x 750 mm 
 maximum mass of charge   1000 kg
 maximal temperature 1250°C

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