Submerged Chain Conveyors are often installed for transportation of slag granulated material, ash made of stone and brown coal firing as well as metallurgical process residue or waste ash. Fluid slag or hot ash from the melt firing will be filled in a vessel with water for cooling and taken with a chain conveyor from vessel and for example taken about the crusher to the ash bunker.

- HEKO chain strands are highly wear resistant, case hardened and manufactured with low tolerances
- Support and snub wheels
- Chain sprockets and chain rollers with replaceable segments of teeth, sealed for use under water
- Drive wheels

HEKO chain system with scraper attachment Type TS
- Supplied also pre-assembled with the chain to endless chain strands
- Suitable for chains according to DIN 764
- Easy installation for scraper bars
- Easy shortening of chain
 HEKO Chain system with plug-in scraper attachment type SMO
- Fast connecting to endless chain strands with chain locks
- Reversible conveying possible

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