Chain shackles type TS / TS-N / TS-L are suitable as bucket attachments for all duties. The shackles are tempered and induction hardened in the contact areas to a hardening depth of at least 0.14 x d.

Shackles type TS and TS-N can be used with pocket teeth and projecting teeth and toothless chain wheels. Assembly and dismounting of the shackle is possible at any time when using spring pins for the fastening of the closing plates split pins are available optionally

 HEKO chain shackle type TS
The TS type is recommended for use as a horizontal attachment, i.e. mostly buckets with side wall attachment. The forged distance plate incorporates an additional support on the chain wheel. Both toothed and toothless wheels can be used with the TS-Shackle.
HEKO chain shackle type TS-N
The TS-N type, though primarily used for vertical attachment, i.e. rear wall mounted buckets. It has the same properties as the TS-Shackle, the only difference being the use of a plain, fabricated distance plate which is more cost effective.
HEKO chain shackle type TS-L
The TS-L type is recommended for vertical attachment and high turning
moments as imposed by wider and deeper buckets, i.e. high capacity
buckets, and buckets over 630mm width. An extended distance plate provides an additional support and extends the supporting centres over three chain pitches. The additional support ensures smoother operation under high loads and reduces wear. Due to the higher load capability, chain and shackle pitch can be the same even with high capacity
buckets. The TS-L Shackle only benefits a vertical bucket attachment.

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