Coal feeder

Coal feeders are used in the power plant industry for mill coaling. Usually, the coal feeders are connected to the respective coal bunker via a coal chute. The coal is transported in the upper run by direct removal from the material column on the upper run. The height of the removed bulk material flow can be adjusted by means of a manual layer height adjustment. In front of the drive station the extracted coal falls into the lower run and is transported to the discharge chute in the lower run. The direct removal of the rough coal from the coal chute and the simultaneous load placed on the upper and lower run pose a special challenge for the traction mechanism and conveyor components. Here, high-strength and wear-resistant HEKO round steel chains or HEKO forged fork link chains as well as specially-reinforced scrapers and carriers have been tried and tested many times. Sprockets adapted to the respective chain system complete the HEKO portfolio. On request we manufacture products according to your individual specifications.