Quality management

Quality as a permanent challenge

Times change. And, with them, the factors that define the concept of quality change too. As a company with a relatively long history, we have seen that the nature and functionality of products were the only valid standards for many decades. That is over. Today we understand and interpret quality much more comprehensively. This, of course, increases the requirements. Companies and economic players must be measured by whether they are operating in a manner which is desirable from a socio-political perspective and receives a consensus. Environmental friendliness, sustainability and future viability are three striking keywords that describe what the general public requires from products and processes in terms of quality. It goes without saying that HEKO meets these expectations, as well as the much more specific quality requirements of each individual customer.

Quality strategy as a joint task

HEKO Ketten uses an integrated management system. The fundamental principles of the company therefore include respectful treatment of people inside and outside of our companies, the personal responsibility of each employee for his or her area, compliance with clearly defined product properties and responsible behaviour when it comes to the environment and resources.
We are committed to the principles of process-oriented management, in which the implementation of the quality strategy is considered part of the overall management task. Putting health protection as well as holistic quality, environmental and occupational safety processes into practice guarantees that the interests of customers, employees and the environment are taken into account in the best possible way.
We ensure the constant top quality of our products through the consistent application of all relevant control, manufacturing and supporting processes, from the request and production to the determination of customer satisfaction.
HEKO quality management is actively implemented by everyone involved and is certified in accordance with ISO 9001. In addition, the environmental management system is certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and the occupational safety management system in accordance with ISO 45001. There is also a certified energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001: 2011. We also have German customs certification.